Use your Fears


"Fear is a great motivator."   John Treacy

John Treacy was an Irish Olympian for distance running in the late 70s and early 80s. In the 1984 Summer Olympics, he won the silver medal in the marathon. Before that, he was able to win the World Cross Country Championships in both 1978 and 1979. John Treacy had many hardships throughout his career and I believe he used those fears and experiences to fuel him to his success in the 1984 Summer Olympics. In the 1980 Olympics, he collapsed in the last 200 meters of his 10,000 heat while in 4th place. Is he had finished, he would have advanced to the Final. Due to his collapse, Lasse Viren finished in 4th and advanced to the final. He did not perform as dominantly in his running events over the next few years, until his marathon performance in the 1984 Olympics. He used the fears from his failure in 1980 to fuel his marathon performance ultimately leading to him placing second. So, next time you race or have an incredibly hard workout, don't shy away from the challenge, use your fear as motivation and strength to perform. 

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