ALWAYS Stay Positive


Daily Quote: "If I can offer one piece of advice, it would be to learn to control the mind and train each day with a positive attitude." - Eliud Kipchoge

This quote comes from Eliud Kipchoge. Kipchoge holds the official marathon record with a time of 2:01:39 but has had a 2:00:25 in his Breaking 2 Project and a 1:59:40 in his INEOS sub 2 hour marathon race this past year. Kipchoge is definitely one of the most inspirational and inspirational distance runners of all time, but that's because he loves the sport. He has run for many years and loves to teach his beliefs to young running prospects. I believe this quote is special because it shows the importance that your attitude has on your performance. To everyone out there, try and be positive when you're working out today. I want you to feel the breeze on your face, smell the flowers blooming, and hear the birds singing. I know it's a tough time for everyone, but find joy in the little things. Let's take today to get better!